Dentistry School Interview Questions

These are the questions which were recently asked at Dentistry School Interviews:

1. Why dentistry?
2. Why us?
3. What can you offer our dentistry school?
4. What are the qualities of a good dentist?
5. Tell us about yourself?
6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
7. What did you learn from your work experience?
8. What did you like most and least about your work experience?
9. How do you cope with stress?
10. When do you know when you are getting stressed?
11. Tell me about preventive dentistry?
12. How do you cope in situations when there is not enough time to finish a task?
13. Give me an example of a time when you worked in a team?
14. Are you a team player or a team leader?
15. Do teams need leaders?
16. What are the qualities of a team player?
17. What are the qualities of a team leader?
18. There has been a good deal of negative publicity about memory filling. Do you think that they are dangerous?
19. Should dental treatment be free in the NHS?
20. Have you read any articles about dentistry recently?
21. What precautions need to be taken with patients who are HIV positive?
22. How important is team working in the role of dentistry?
23. What is orthodontics?
24. Why do dentists recommend the fluoridation of water supplies?
25. What are the arguments against the fluoridation of water supplies?
26. What are the ups and downs of being a dentist?
27. What are cosmetic implants?
28. How important is attention to detail and precision in dentistry?
29. Why would you have an angry patient in a dental practice?
30. How would you deal with an angry patient in your dental practice?
31. Can you tell us about any modern advances in dentistry?
32. How do you feel about the lack of dentists in this country and the lack of funding for dentists?
33. How should the Government spend money on NHS dentistry and prevention of dental disease?
34. What are the advantages and disadvantages of amalgam?
35. What are the advantages and disadvantages of white fillings?
36. What stresses do dentists face other than their time management?
37. Why dentistry as opposed to medicine?
38. If you had to organize a campaign to improve dental health, how would you go about it?
39. You are a dental student and the dentist came in smelling of alcohol. What would you do?
40. What dental procedure did you see during your work experience?
41. Why do you think many NHS dentist go private?
42. How good is your manual dexterity?
43. What is gingivitis?
44. How is dentistry different from other jobs?
45. If dentistry didn’t exists what would you do?
46. If you could invite 4 people to dinner who would they be and why?
47. How does politics influence dentistry?
48. How would your enemies describe you?
49. What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in your life time?
50. How do you cope with conflict?
51. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
52. Describe our course here at this University?
53. What would you do if you weren’t accepted?
54. Why should we take you rather than anyone else?
55. What are the most prevalent problems in dentistry today?
56. What was your favourite subject at school?
57. Who are the members of the dental team?
58. Can you name 5 of your weaknesses?
59. How would your friends describe you?
60. You are third year dentistry student and you see your best friend cheating in his exams. What would you do?
61. What are the challenges you will experience as a Nottingham dental student?
62. What was it that you saw during your work experience that helped you to decide that you wanted to do dentistry?
63. What are the frustrations of a dentist?
64. Some NHS Trusts will not put obese patients and smokers on the waiting lists until they lose weight or give up smoking. What are your views on this?
65. What one event/action do you regret and why?
66. What do you wish you had done instead?
67. What did you learn from it?
68. If you were a dentist and an HIV positive patient was bleeding from a laceration, and needed urgent treatment. You didn’t have gloves. Would you put the patient or your own safety first?
69. When would you break patient’s confidentiality?
70. How important is communication in dentistry?
71. Who may have some long term problems with their oral hygiene?
72. What would you say to someone who demands free treatment?
73. How is important is leadership in dentistry?
74. When have you showed good leadership skills?
75. What are the new NHS dental reforms?
76. In dentistry you meet patients from all walks of life, how would you cope with that?
77. How do you relax?
78. The dental school is hard work. How do you propose to manage your work and still play music?
79. How would you dissuade someone from going into Dentistry?
80. What are the advantages and disadvantages of PBL?
81. What previous experience have you had of learning in a small group setting?
82. Tell us about a group activity you have organized?
83. How good are your organizational skills?
84. How do you deal with criticism?
85. How good are you at multitasking?
86. Who do you admire most and why?
87. In ten years time you had to look back in 2012, What would you remember most about it?
88. What is the difference between tooth erosion and tooth decay?
89. What methods do dentists use to relax their patients?
90. Dentistry requires a high degree of manual dexterity. Do you possess this?
91. What is manual dexterity?
92. Describe a situation which demonstrates your manual dexterity?
93. How will you cope with the demands of the job?
94. Why is multi tasking important in dentistry?
95. What is the most important quality of a dentist?
96. What are your views on euthanasia?
97. What surprised you during work experience?
98. What is diabetes?
99. How is insulin produced?
100. How does diabetes affect gum disease?


  1. You have to choose one of your course mates as a treasurer for a party you are organising, which of the following do you choose and why? why not choose the others?
    a. (Tim) is a friendly guy, who everyone gets on well with, but he is currently failing in his numeracy course.
    b. (Amy) is a show off and brags about her excellent marks. No one likes her much.
    c. (Sophie) has just been cautioned for shoplifting and is trying to show her tutor that she is trustworthy.

  2. You have handed in an essay which you worked really hard on and expect an excellent mark. Instead, your mark is very poor and you are upset because you think your tutor is failing you on purpose; How do you approach the situation?
    a. You compare your essay with the one your friend wrote and see where you were marked down.
    b. You go to your tutor and complain about your mark, pointing out how unfair it is and how hard you prepared for it.
    c. You go to another tutor who you think sympathises with you, and complain about your mark, and ask for a second opinion.
    d. None of the above (explain what you would do and why)

  3. You have been asked to prepare a cake by a lady, for her daughter's wedding. She has asked you specifically to make it gluten free, however you forgot to note this down when you took the order; it's the day of the wedding and she's come to pick up the cake. How do you deal with the situation?

  4. Your course friend is married and has two children. Her husband however does not want her to be on the midwifery course, so she is forced to study at night. One day she comes to the course with a black eye! How do you deal with the situation and what kind of advice can you give her?

  5. You are the captain of a sinking ship, and you can only save one of the following people, because there is only one more place in the lifeboat. Who would you choose and why?
    a. A young homosexual male, who looks after his mother, who has Alzheimer’s and is the manager of a company, with thirty employees.
    b. A teen mum, who has a a little girl and is an ex drug abuser. She now suffers from depression.
    c. A forty year old man with Down’s syndrome, who lives with his cat and his rabbit and works in a charity shop.

  6. You are in a club and your friend is sitting outside drunk. How would you convince him to come back into the club?

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